Why Indian Students Opt for MBBS in Russia?

mbbs in russia

The number of international students coming to the Russian Federation has increased over the past 15 to 20 years; especially for the introduction of study MBBS in Russia. Every year, thousands of Indian students graduate from prestigious Russian state universities like Kursk State Medical University (KSMU). As a result, the number of admissions applications for medical colleges for medical students in India has increased.

Russia has the highest literacy rate in the world 99.6% and is becoming a popular destination for higher education due to international standards and affordability. In fact, the price of MBBS in Russia is very reasonable compared to other countries.

Russia is actually home to some of the best MBBS colleges in the world. These medical institutions operate under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation. They are listed under the World Health Organization’s medical school directory. Students from different parts of the world travel to Russia to study MBBS and the majority of these international students are Indians.

In Russia, MBBS is considered one of the best MBBS options in the world in well-equipped laboratories and classrooms. Teaching methods and other tools and the technology adopted are extremely advanced and can equip a student to pursue a medical career in any country of the world. Classes at medical universities like Kursk State Medical University (KSMU) in Russia begin in September and are divided into two semesters each year.

Major Advantages of Studying MBBS in Russia for Indian Students –

  1. The MBBS degree from a Russian university is internationally recognized.
  2. No donation taken from students who are coming from different corners of the world.
  3. No entrance exam to get MBBS admission in Russia at Kursk State Medical University (KSMU).
  4. The tuition fee structure is very affordable in a Russian university like Kursk State Medical University (KSMU).
  5. The admission process is very simple and too fast at Russian University like Kursk State Medical University (KSMU).
  6. The cost of living in Russia is very low and economical for international students too.
  7. Russian universities like Kursk State Medical University (KSMU) provide medical insurance for international students which covers all medical expenses while in the country.
  8. The safe hostel and comfortable accommodation at Russian universities like Kursk State Medical University (KSMU) for Indian students.
  9. The intermediate in study MBBS in Russia in the English language.
  10. The temperate climate throughout the year.
  11. Russia acts as a traveler’s paradise.
  12. Students have a wide range of activities to participate in social activities, cultural gatherings, meetings, and university trips.
  13. Students can explore Russia and dig into the beautiful Russian rituals and practices.
  14. The student-teacher ratio in each class in medical colleges in Russia is very low compared to other countries, which allows teachers to pay attention to each student individually.
  15. You do not have to take entrance exams or pay contributions.

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