Why do companies prefer to use Node JS for their web products?

companies prefer to use Node JS – There is a significant rise in the number of companies using Node.Js day after day and the need for Node Js Hosting. Be it the transition from one development platform to Node Js or using Node Js to develop the product from scratch. Whatever is the case, however, many individuals are pretty curious as to what ignites this trend. So today, let’s explore why all-scale companies prefer to use Node JS. 

As you already know, Node JS is one of the widely used open-source and cross-platform JavaScript runtime environments, especially for the backend. Also, it is one of the well-known and well-used popular programming languages. What’s worth mentioning is that it has been designed for building fast and scalable network applications.

Now let’s delve into:


Solid reasons behind the companies prefer to use Node JS.

Highly-end Performance & Scalability & Versatility:

Node js has perfect load balancing. That means it can handle a vast number of simultaneous requests/ connections/ and jobs efficiently. No burden and no low-performance issues that eventually relates to its high scalability. And the reason to build fast and scalable network applications.


Fastest Development & Processing: 

In Node Js, I/O operations don’t block other operations as it is asynchronous and single-threaded. Also, JavaScript code can be executed in the main thread, with other input/ output operations being in separate threads. As a result, there are little to no delays in processing. Moreover, Node Js perpetuate efficient code usage by tweeting up the front-end and backend. That is, it allows front-end developers to execute the code (front-end code) on the server-side/backend leading to rapid development.


Comfortability for Experts and Beginners: 

Node JS has a learning curve almost between shallow and steep. What we mean is that with a good programming background and JavaScript familiarity, only a few days will be enough to learn it. But, conversely, it can take more or less around two to six weeks to learn and master Node JS


Huge Community Support:

Another yet major reason for node js usage by the company developers is that it has a huge community. So there is extensive help by the professionals and experts even if there pops up any stumbling block during development.

Capability as a Proxy Server: 

Huge and fast connection processing streamlines its usage as the server-side proxy. In addition, it functions practicably as a relay to collect data from multiple source points and work with different services with different response times.


Flawless Data Streaming:

Node Js sends the data by dividing it into small chunks, and all chunks are sent bit by bit to the front end. That means no flowing of the resource-intensive single package and no data streaming hassles. Therefore, companies using node.js seem to be the ideal language and runtime candidate suited best for developing video conference and streaming applications.


Suitability for Testing of New Features:

 While developing new features, node js offers exclusive support. Developers can easily test the new products and new changes in the app in a short span.


App’s front-end and backend potential build-up: 

As mentioned above, Node JS Hosting help have the front-end and backend together. So it makes both sides’ development seamless for the professionals and exercises the rapid development streams. 

The trend of companies riveting towards Node JS

Famous companies using Node.Js include PayPal, LinkedIn, Netflix, Uber, NASA, eBay, Medium. Many of these successful apps and companies prefer to use Node JS and have switched their previous platforms to Node Js. However, luckily all of these web products are enjoying the users’ favor, high traffic volumes, and new customer engagements. And it will keep going so in 2022 and so on too.


Thus, following the success of the companies, more specifically the giants of their own industries, many new and existing businesses and companies are opting for using node js for their web products. It does not matter for front-end or backend; incorporating Node js will certainly be changing the flux in 2022 more.


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Be one of the successful apps and companies with your next Node JS product or by opting for transition to Node JS in 2022.

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