What are the pros and cons of being vegetarian?

What are the pros and cons of being vegetarian?

Vegetarian diet was considered inadequate not a long time ago. But these days it is touted as one of the healthiest options. It is the choice of millions of males and females around the world, as it ensures overall better health and less risk of lifestyle diseases such as obesity, cholesterol, and diabetes.

However, others suggest that vital nutrients are missing in vegetarian diets. There are some ingredients which only a non vegetarian diet provides. The rise of awareness about vegetarian diets is also leading some former non-vegetarians to switch to vegetarian diets. Here, some pros and cons of vegetarian diet are discussed to help readers come to the right and balanced conclusion regarding dietary choice.

 Vegetarian person

A vegetarian person has vegetables, fruits, nuts, milk and dairy products in their diet. All meat products, fish, fowl, poultry, and products with meat ingredients are excluded from the diet. Some vegetarians are strict in their diet plan. While some include eggs and occasional fish items in diet, however the frequency and quantity may also vary from season to season.

Pros of vegetarian diet

Lose Weight

A vegetarian is less likely to gain weight even if his or her intake of diet is above normal.  Decreasing the chances of obesity prevents the formation of other lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure and later arthritis. The higher fiber intake and low calories in vegetarian diets remove the base for weight gain.

Strong and effective heart

A vegetarian will have a healthy heart compared to a non vegetarian person. It has been proved through various medical studies and nutritionists studies.  Vegetarian diet is a low cholesterol diet and a vegetarian will have lower blood cholesterol always. The vegan , who do not even take eggs , dairy products and milk , have even much lower cholesterol levels . The saturated fat intake is also lower than for non-vegetarians.  The fiber in fruits and vegetables keeps check on the cholesterol levels in blood.  All these facts ensure a healthy heart as blood flow is smoother. The heart does not have to work hard to push blood flow in the body. an efficient heart and smooth blood circulation cut the need for Sildenafil citrate 150mg to overcome erection problems . The antioxidants and phytochemicals in vegetarian diet keep arteries free from any waxy substance that block blood circulation.

Free from blood pressure

Compared to non vegetarian diets, vegetarians do not face blood pressure problems as much. Researchers found that low weight, less fat, absence of meat or milk protein or less obstruction to blood movement in the body are some of the possible causes.

Low cancer risk

It has been observed that vegetarians are less likely to get prostate cancer and colorectal cancer as compared to non vegetarians. Again, they believe that fat consumption, more fiber through fruits and vegetables keep the problems from rising ugly heads. Antioxidants from vegetables and fruits neutralize free radicals, thus further reducing the conditions which lead to such diseases.

Cons of being vegetarian

Deficient in some nutrients

Vitamin B 12, zinc, vitamin D, iron, and omega fatty acid found in fish are not available in a vegetarian diet, whatever may be the constituents of such a diet.  Eggs have vitamin B 12, but some vegetarians do not consume eggs at all.  Low vitamin D levels in vegetarians also create bone problems.

Vitamin B 12 is vital for metabolism, leads to formation of red blood cells in blood and also controls sexual health of males. Some males with erectile dysfunction have low b12 which reduces penile nerve health. Such males are suggested Generic Levitra 40 mg to overcome erection resistance.

Less Filling

 A vegetarian diet is digested more quickly, which leads to feeling hungry soon afterwards. Nuts, fruits and refined grains also come in this category.  It can promote the habit of overeating even after a meal. Overeating will defeat one of the main advantages of a vegetarian diet that is less weight gain and low obesity.

Use of pesticides and fast ripening agents

These days’ fruits and vegetables are subjected to some chemical treatments to keep them fresh, increase their life and ensure that they are ready to be sold in the market before their normal time. It is no secret that some fruits are sold in the market throughout the year even when they are seasonal fruits. The chemicals in vegetables and fruits have started to cause health problems in developed countries. This is why the organic products are increasing in demand. The chemicals used on such products are unhealthy and harmful to health.


There are more benefits from the vegetarian diet as it is more health friendly with many nutrients. However, some people with some deficiency can take supplements after medical consultations. The best, though, is a combination of vegetarian diet with some animal products in moderation.



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