What are the eligibility factors for the 67 Point Calculator?

What are the eligibility factors for the 67 Point Calculator

Permanent Residency is provided for a period of five years, and it is a visa for the family. It is always better to get a PR status of Canada than a Work permit or tourist visas as the benefits of PR status are very similar to the full Canadian citizen right, which includes free education and medical facilities along with the right to stay in Canada for a period of five years. The Government of Canada has three primary modes of attaining a PR status in Canada – Express Entry Program, Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), and Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP).

Express Entry Program –

It is an online portal for filling for the PR status in Canada, and it is a superfast method of availing the PR status under which the candidates can attain the PR status. If there is a couple, then one of the candidates can file as a primary candidate, and the other can file as a secondary candidate. The interested people are evaluated on the basis of points which are calculated through calculation of personal information like age, education, work experience being the comprehensive ranking score (CRS) determinants. Since 2015, when this portal was introduced, thousands of people have migrated to Canada using this program.

The Express Entry program has three subcategories – 

  • Federal Skilled Workers  program
  • Federal Skilled Traders program 
  • Canadian experience class

Federal Skilled Workers Program(FSWP)

The most important criteria for immigration through the Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP) is that the candidate should be skilled and capable. The eligibility is calculated on the point measurement basis in which those candidates who score 67 points or above are considered fit for immigration. The score is based on 100 Points, and the applicants are expected to the benchmark score. It is the highest scoring appellants who are provided the ITA. 

The criteria and their markings for the Federal Skilled Workers program are as follows:

  • Work Experience- Good work experience guarantees good marks. The past work of the candidate should be paid work and full time, or the candidate should have got an equal amount in an unpaid job. i.e. 30 hours / week for 12 months = 1560 working hours 
  • Language – There are two official languages of Canada- English, and French. A test in at least one language is important to establish the language proficiency of the candidate. The test results are valid for two years’ time. The higher your score on your test, the better is your score.
  • Education – Your degree/diploma/certificate should be at par with the educational level of Canada, and your credentials need to be evaluated through Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) through an authorized body like WES.
  • Age – Being between the age of 18 – 35 allots maximum marks to the candidate.
  • Adaptability – There is an extra 10 points allotted to the candidate whose sibling/spouse stays in Canada.

Canadian Government pays a lot of Importance to skilled immigration; thus, the appellant who has never lived or worked in Canada before can easily apply through FSWP for relocation. 

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