What are The Best Squares To Pick in The Football Pool?

Football Game Squares Template

By now, everyone must be aware of the significance the super bowl holds in the sports industry. Usually, the super bowl is a great betting platform that aims to increase bettors’ prospects of winning the game. 

But apart from the super bowl, another game presents another avenue for the sportspersons: the Super bowl squares template contest. It is a fun-filled contest only that gained prominence during the pandemic. 

Usually, the game is played between friends and family members as it is nothing serious and a fun-filled contest giving bettors opportunities to earn numerous prizes. The football game squares template contest is based on sheer luck. But when playing the game, one thing that bettors find difficult is to pick the best squares. Let us help players understand this contest. 

How to play football game squares template 

If there is any popular super bowl party game, it is none other than the football game squares template. You can be hopeful of making your party enjoyable a lot by employing this contest. Its setup is also easier than other contests, and you need to gather the number of players and ask each to be part of the contest. 

The next thing is to assign the teams on a 10×10 grid and ask players to wager on it when done with it. In the end, the player whose square matches with the other wins the game. Let us know the entire procedure of playing the game. 

Create a grid

The foremost thing you need to do is draw a grid on a board with a marker. The grid and squares should be large enough to write the player’s initials and numbers. Usually, people use a 10×10 grid, which makes a total of 100 squares, giving one square to each player. You can either draw it manually or get it printed online. 

Making a grid with the help of a computer is much easier than drawing it manually. For this, you can make use of a table tool and have your grid. At last, get it printed. Printing a readymade grid is easy and will save your time also. All those who have a shortage of time can get the premade grids online. 

Label rows and columns with numbers 

After you are done with making the grid, you need to label rows and columns with numbers ranging from 0-9. It is best to start with the top row by writing 0 above the first square. Keep on doing this until you reach the last square and write a new number above each square. Repeat the same process with the left side. 

Be it the top rows or side rows; each square should get a number. Every square will signify a potential outcome of the game. 

Assign teams 

Your next task includes assigning teams to the grid. You can start by mentioning the team’s name at the top, and the numbers there will signify the scores. On the other side of the board, write the name of the other team. You can also add the fun element to the game by printing out each team’s logo and putting the tape around the board. 

Distribute squares 

Then, you have to distribute the squares to the players and ensure that the board gets filled up entirely. Ensure that each square gets occupied and none of it is left out. The game organizer will charge nearly $1 for each square or more, depending on him. But keep one thing in mind that keeping the fee less will invite more players to the game. Moreover, it will also get a decent prize to award your winners. 

When distributing squares, try to give one square to each person and not more than that as things will get chaotic this way. This way, there will be a total of 100 players. But in case you run short of players, you can ask the players to buy more than one square. 

Mention players initials on squares 

To make things easy for the players, you can write each player’s initials on their chosen square. This way, they can bet on final squares for both teams. You need to keep doing this until every square gets taken. 

Gather your players 

In the end, when your entire setup is ready, you need to gather your players to watch and play the football game squares template. Consequently, gather all the players to your place and start playing. Everyone is sure to enjoy it a lot. 

Calculate the winner 

Next, when you are done playing the game, you need to calculate and decide the winner of the football game squares template contest. You will come to know of the winner of the game when the square at last matches with the other one. That player will be designated as the winner of the contest and will bag the prize. Those players are rewarded with either money or gifts. 

The best numbers for playing the game 

For this, you have to go through the super bowl history to figure out the best numbers for playing the game. For instance, there was a match between the Chiefs and 49ers last season, and the winning combos turned out to be 7-3, 0-0, and 1-0. Other than this, the best combinations are 0-3, 0-7, 7-0, and 0-0. 


There cannot be any other way to play the football game squares template contest than this. Play the game and win huge prizes at the end. 


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