The Best Activities to Indulge in St. Kitts during Your Cruise Tour

Cruie essential items

Visiting a popular vacation spot during your cruise tour such as the Caribbean is a great choice for spending your holiday time & staying prepared with an emergency kit. This popular vacation spot is known for its rich culture, mixed with year-round good weather and a lively population, you can visit this spot as many times as you want and won’t be disappointed ever. This Caribbean vacation spot has so many amazing islands to visit & I thought it would be better to outline some of my favorite Caribbean ports, for all those who are going on a Caribbean cruise. So, I’m going to tell you all about St. Kitts that is going to amaze you & will give you an experience of a lifetime.

Let’s start-

Discovering an Island

  • There are many things that you are going to love about the Caribbean especially about St. Kitts & here is the list of activities full of leisure that you are going to love it-
  • Sitting on a beach enjoying rum, vodka, or any other hard drinks.
  • Trekking in dense rainforest in search of amazing local wildlife & animals.
  • Learning about colonial history & local people.
  • Indulging in local therapy & visiting the local spa and massage parlors.
  • Strolling on the beautiful, picturesque island of St. Kitts.

But whatever you do, don’t forget to bring your emergency survival kit to deal with unknown & sudden emergencies.

Visiting The Port Area of Zante

Port Zante is the main area for docking cruise ships on this island and it also grants its visitors direct access to the town of Basseterre where tourists can travel & visit eateries as well as enjoy the nightlife. Port Zante is also known as the commercial area that has a long pier capable of allowing the largest cruise ships to dock without any delay or difficulty. It is also not very strange to find two ships side by side on a single pier, generating a busy and active atmosphere. Once through the yellow arches of the tourist center, you can find tourist information and licensed taxi dispatchers waiting & greeting you respect. These taxi dispatchers will take you to a wide array of locations known for open-air shopping areas equipped with duty-free shops, jewelers, and original souvenir stores. You can find restaurants and bars too that offer Wi-Fi, and reasonable food options that are more suited to your tastes or international standards. Most people like you & your family are going to find that Basseterre is more of a gateway town, offering options to explore more. So make sure that your emergency medical kit is with you at all times to deal with the medical emergencies on a new island in case you cannot find a pharmacy store nearby.

Kitts Scenic Railway

There are many popular attractions that you can visit at St. Kitts & one of them is St. Kitts Scenic Railway. It was first made to help bring building materials for the construction of a new sugar factory in 1912. The railway was extended between 1912 and 1926 around the island so it could also transport the harvested sugar cane to Basseterre. Today the railway has been expanded up to 18 miles around the north of the island on a narrow gauge of 762mm. It is the best way to see & experience most of the island by riding on this train for a brief duration.

Brimstone Hill Fortress

Brimstone Hill Fortress is the second biggest historical highlight of St. Kitts. It is the most imposing & striking colonial fortress in the Caribbean that you would love to watch. During the colonial era, when the British and French clashed over the sovereignty of this island, the British decided to place the cannons on the 800-foot high sleeping volcanic cone.

The hill was altered into an imposing fortification, known as ‘The Gibraltar of the West Indies.’ The fortress was designed by British engineers and built by hardworking African slaves. It is one of the highly preserved historical fortifications in the Americas. Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park was added to the list of World Heritage sites by UNESCO in 1999.

Visiting this place should be on your top to-do list on this island but don’t forget to take your cruise essential items.


No island on this planet is complete without its exotic beaches. There are plenty of beautiful & eye-pleasing beaches on this island, which is accessible to all the tourists visiting this island. If you have time in your hands then you can visit Cockleshell Beach close to the town of Basseterre. You can hire sunbeds & umbrellas here at affordable rates.

Apart from that, there are a host of activities that you can take part in such as-

  • Zip-lining through the canopies of the lush & green rainforest
  • Relaxing in the Marriot Hotel with a game of golf.
  • Setting sails to the catamaran to the neighboring island of Nevis.

Final Remarks

I can say without any further doubt that the island of St. Kitts & every other island in the Caribbean promises you new adventures that you have always dreamt about. Do whatever you want to with your cruise trip vacation & no matter what, don’t forget to take your cruise essential kit whether you are boarding or de-boarding the cruise.

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