How to Make a Statement With Building Hoarding Advertising

Hoarding Advertising

On a daily basis, the majority of us pass past construction sites. Their primary function is to keep the general people safe while construction is taking place. 

Make sure you have your facts straight.

If your construction hoarding or billboard is located on the side of a highway where people will be (literally) rushing by, a design without a narrative will be unmemorable, to say the least. Due to the fact that humans are bad at remembering facts but excellent at remembering tales.

Because building site hoarding is a visual medium, the next step is to figure out how to express that narrative using pictures and words on the billboard itself. When it comes to creating a design, you’ll want to be as strategic as possible.

One conventional method of making an effect is to use a brief and amusing play on words that will elicit a giggle, or perhaps a little rhyme that will assist your message to linger in the mind of the audience. A huge dynamic picture may convey a great deal. In fact, utilising a picture will aid in the retention of your message more effectively than just using words. All that has to be done is to ensure that the picture has an impression in 5 seconds or less. You may test this by sending your design to a few friends and asking them to look at it for a few seconds each.

Keep the Content brief, to the point, and crisp!

If your construction site hoarding includes text, the typical motorist will only have 5 to 10 seconds to take in the design, read any text, and absorb the message. It is possible that the motorist will be looking from the billboard to the road and back to the billboard in the same 5-to-10-second period, depending on the intensity of the traffic congestion.

Consequently, one of the most crucial principles to follow will be to make your statement as brief as possible. 

Try to keep your text to a maximum of seven words or fewer. After you’ve sent your original message, you might evaluate any additional information that may be important. Is it necessary to provide a phone number? Is there a logo that has to be implemented? What about a specific location or highway exit number to draw vehicles to a certain event? However, be sure to highlight the most vital information so that your billboard doesn’t become congested or difficult to read.

Make a lot of noise.

When working on a layout that is bigger than life, there is no room for mediocrity. It is essential that any text in your design be printed in a clear, strong font to achieve the greatest readability possible. Another advantage of using a big font is that it allows drivers who are travelling at a distance more time to read and comprehend your message.

Make use of bright colours

Make use of eye-catching colours and images in your design to draw attention to your building hoarding signage without having to work too hard. Incorporating contrasting colours into your design can also assist to make your message stand out even more, which will aid in improving your message retention.

You’ll want to keep the backdrop as plain as possible, though, in order to avoid your picture being cluttered and distracting from the subject matter in the foreground. And limit yourself to a single huge picture or photo. That single dynamic picture will have a far greater visual effect than a collection of photos that each take up a fraction of the overall arrangement.


If this is the case, inform vehicles of the closing distance between them and your destination by putting up multiple designs that are miles apart from one another to alert them that they are getting close to your location. There is no need to be brilliant if you don’t want to be, but your message must still be concise, bold, and easily understood.

Design Concepts for Construction Site Hoarding

Effective advertising should summarise your fundamental promise in a few words or phrases. Building signs are an excellent tool for creating designs for construction site hoardings. Take a peek at some of the suggestions below!

Art may be used to fill in the blanks.

Development sites need temporary boards to protect them from the elements during restoration and construction. They’ve evolved into a distinct aspect in their own right. Unveil a breathtaking piece of artwork that will be used to create a one-of-a-kind mural for a temporary hoarding design. Refer to our professionals if you want professional signage design services.

Enhance your website’s visibility from a distance

People will notice your advertising hoarding design immediately if it is displayed on a tall company sign. Consider putting your sign at a higher elevation in high-traffic areas. One of the most effective hoarding design ideas is to use lit letters to showcase your logo and make your business stand out from the crowd.


Every sort of outdoor advertising has an almost limitless number of design choices. Even the most conventional of installations may be converted into outstanding advertising with the help of a creative signage firm.

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