Living with Osteoporosis- These Exercises will Help Maintain Strong Bones

Living with Osteoporosis


Osteoporosis is known to be a silent orthopedic condition that affects bones badly by making them weak and increasing the chances of fractures. In this condition, the patient loses bones too much than the normal rate. Fractures resulting due to osteoporosis could be serious and one might need the application of trauma implants to get the condition fixed. Siora Surgicals Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best Orthopedic Device Companies in the world that manufactures an excellent range of orthopedic implants.

In this post, we are going to discuss some exercises that’ll help you maintain healthy & strong bones even while living with osteoporosis.


Healthy Bones Building Exercises


Foot Stomps

The aim of this exercise is to reduce osteoporosis. Foot stomping targets the area in the body that are affected the most by osteoporosis like the hip. This exercise is simple to perform as you have to move your feet like you are crushing something on the floor. One can also take support if there is any difficulty in maintaining the balance. 


Bicep Curls

This is another simple exercise that’ll help you maintain healthy bones, especially in people living with osteoporosis. This exercise will require dumbbells or a resistance band. You can perform bicep curls in a sitting or standing position as per your comfort level. Hold the dumbbells or resistance band in each hand and pull them towards your chest. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times or according to comfort. 


Shoulder Lifts

Shoulders are another location that is affected by osteoporosis hence, strengthening them is also important to reduce the effects of osteoporosis. Again, dumbbells or resistance band is required to perform this exercise. Hold any of them in each of your hands and keep the arms down with hands on the sides. Slowly raise hands in the front without locking the elbow. Keep lifting the weights to a height you are comfortable with, but not above the shoulders. Repeat at least 8 to 12 times.


Hamstring Curls

The goal of this exercise is to strengthen the muscles in the back of your upper legs and it should be performed in the standing position. To maintain balance, you must take strong support. To perform this exercise, you need to stand in a position with feet shoulder-width apart. Now, slightly move your left foot back until its toes touch the ground. Now, lift the heel of the foot towards the buttock to contract the muscles. After this, move back the foot to its normal position slowly while maintaining your balance.


Doing these exercises will definitely improve the lifestyle of people living with osteoporosis and also of those who are not suffering from any health condition. These exercises strengthen specific areas in the body, especially those that get affected by osteoporosis the most. Besides all these, you can also perform some other body movements to improve the outcome including ball sitting, standing on one leg, and squatting. Remember, do the exercise according to the comfort level, as forcefully doing these exercises could be harmful.

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