Best Liver Transplant Hospitals and cost in Turkey

liver transplant cost in turkey

Turkey is one of the top medical destinations for liver transplants globally. Many hospitals in Turkey are JCI-certified and equipped with full facilities and machines. The cost of liver transplants in Turkey is also competitive than in other nations. This article will read about the best Liver Transplant and its cost in Turkey. So, let’s get started.

What is a Liver Transplant

A liver plays a vital role in the human body. It helps in detoxification and digestion. When the liver stops functioning, it needs a liver transplant. It is a surgical method that replaces damaged liver with a healthy liver of a healthy donor. In fact, in some cases, there is the insertion of only a part of the liver. This part ultimately grows itself in a few months.

Why Choose Liver Transplant Surgery in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most sought-after countries regarding complex medical procedures like organ transplants. Many hospitals in Turkey are known for their medical facilities, cutting-edge technology, and world-class infrastructure. As mentioned above, all hospitals received accreditation from International organisations like Joint Commission International (JCI) for their quality of clinical care and excellence in patient quality services. Every year, many international patients travel to Turkey to avail the best healthcare services at affordable prices. Besides this, kidney transplant hospitals in Turkey have the most trained and qualified doctors known for performing advanced surgeries with high success rates. 

Who is the Right Candidate for Liver Transplant in Turkey

Patients with irreversible damage or chronic liver disease are eligible for surgery in Turkey. The doctor examines the MELD score to identify the severity of the liver disease and, as a result, prioritises candidates for a liver transplant. However, the surgery is not for those who have the following conditions.

  • Infection like hepatitis
  • Cancer that’s spread outside the liver
  • Additional condition or disease 
  • Medical conditions that increase the risk of surgery
  • Too much alcohol consumption or substance abuse for at least six months. 

Who can be an Ideal Candidate for Liver Transplant Donor

However, not everyone can be an ideal liver donor. There is a certain set criterion of donors in Turkey. A liver donor must be a healthy person who willingly donates a part of their liver. Besides this, the following are the donor criteria for a liver surgery. 

  • Must have good mental and physical health
  • Age between 18 to 55
  • A BMI equal to 32 or maybe slightly less
  • Not involved in any substance use or drug use.

Best Liver Transplant Hospital

In Turkey, you can find many liver transplant hospitals that offer high-quality treatment for skilled surgeons. The top hospitals for liver transplants in Turkey are:

  1. Medical Park Bahcelievler Hospital
  2. Acibadem Bakirkoy Hospital
  3. Medical Park Bahcelievler Hospital
  4. BAU Medical Park Göztepe
  5. Medicana Bursa Hospital
  6. Medipol University Hospital
  7. Liv Hospital Ankara
  8. Acibadem International Hospital
  9. Anadolu Medical Centre Hospital
  10. VM Medical Park Florya Hospital

Liver Transplant Cost in Turkey

When it comes to liver transplant cost in Turkey, it is far more competitive than other nations in the world. The average cost is around USD 50,000 to USD 80,000. Moreover, it depends on many factors such as donor availability, room category, donor availability, to name a few. Just because the liver transplant cost in Turkey is low, that is the reason why many people worldwide visit Turkey for their liver transplant surgery. 

In the past couple of decades, liver transplant has shown crucial advances in Turkey. Living donor has increased to a large extent. Both living donor and deceased donor transplants have been performed successfully in Turkey. Although Turkey has become a popular European country for LDLT, there is still a need to create health policies to increase organ donation. 

To Conclude

With plenty of options to choose from, finding the right liver transplant hospital and surgeon in Turkey is no rocket science. However, if you are looking for the best one with world-class surgeons and advanced techniques, Lyfboat can help! To help you find affordable and quality medical treatment, Lyfboat provides you with the best advice. Moreover, it recommends the best hospital and the packages that make your treatment a cakewalk. To Read more about about health blogs, then please click here!

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