How transformational teaching help students

How transformational teaching help students

Every new day we witness new innovations and changes in the educational sector. The educationist and experts all around the world are trying to make the educational process easier, beneficial, and engaging. Transformative education is also part of that progress. It empowers students to see the world around them with a different lens, that is, an ethical lens. Basically, transformational teaching came from transformative learning, which was one of the significant conceptual models of Jack Mezirow’s theory which he presented more than forty years ago. Considering the importance of transformative education, teachers started teaching in a new way that is known as transformational teaching. One of the main reasons for transformational teaching is to give more chances to students to participate in class and improve and increase students’ engagement with the teacher—transformational teaching help students in multiple different ways.

Get a chance to learn new perspectives:

When there is transformational teaching in the classroom, the students perform more tasks and activities besides just the information about the concept and chapters included in their syllabus or textbooks. Along with all those things, the teacher also discusses so many different things and matters in the classroom. Through stories, pictures, demonstrations, and sessions, the teacher teach students new and different concepts. For example, the teacher can share the story of any historical place or event with students or arrange a session with any government representative or any prominent personality. The session with these personalities may change students’ perspectives and give them a chance to build new and right perspectives about things for which they already have certain beliefs.

Similarly, teachers introduce students to new authors who have diversity in their books and content and literature that open their minds. In transformational teaching, students get a chance to learn a new perspective with which they are entirely unaware. This new perspective enhances the thinking and analyzing skills of the students.

Learn how to question their assumptions:

Students with transformational teaching learn how to question their own assumptions, perspectives, and beliefs. To be able to question your own assumption is not an easy task, but it is a very important and necessary thing to learn. The most significant benefit of transformative education is that it enables students to do so. When the teacher is using and applying transformative teaching strategies in the classroom, they teach how to critically analyze everything, particularly the assumptions and beliefs of the students. For this, teachers usually share their personal experiences with the students that motivate students and give them inspiration and realization that it is not necessary that all your assumption could be correct. The personal stories of the teacher about how their perspectives have changed and how they have shifted their understanding and believes are more effective as they are more realistic and students can easily relate with them. Along with sharing personal stories and becoming role models for the student’s teachers also prepare some activities based questions and case studies that help them to question their assumptions and perspectives and give them a chance to analyze things and share their thoughts.

Get a chance to participate in the critical discussion:

Suppose there is transformative learning in the classroom. In that case, it is sure that there would be critical discussions in the classroom because the transformative learning classroom is different from a traditional classroom where there is always a lecture or noting from the board is all that happens in the class. In transformative education, students are provided chances to share their opinions and thoughts on different things and events. Students get a task to review different pieces of literature and articles critically. The most important and most vital thing is debate. The teacher allows the students to debate on different topics. The debate itself is one of the most significant critical discussions because, in a debate, you critically analyze your topic with a different perspective and through every possible angle. Along with that teacher give students a chance for group discussion. In group discussions, students get an opportunity to listen to the different thoughts of their peers and classmates on the same topic.

Learn how to apply what they are learning:

Another benefit of transformational teaching is that students learn how to apply the learnings of the classroom in real life. This is also one of the benefits that other students do not get. They have to ask for help to solve their assignments and case studies from the cheap assignment writing service in which they are given such situations or requirements to apply what they have learned in the classroom. But in transformative education, teaching students about real-life struggles and applying their learning in real life is part of classroom teaching. Through different techniques and activities, teachers teach students how they can utilize what they are learning in practical life. The teacher also keeps on switching to different strategies of transformative education so that students will not lose their interest in the classroom and learn everything with the same interest and excitement.

Learning failure is part of the learning process:

Transformational teaching focuses on different aspects of life and teaching, not only providing information to the students. Along with the information, the teacher also teaches so many different things and life lessons to the students that help them progress well and play their influential role not in the classroom but in society too. Through different stories and activities, teachers teach students that struggles and failure are part of the learning process, and every person has to go through this complex process if they want to achieve anything in their life. This teaching motivates students, helps students keep struggling for their goals, and helps them stand firm even after facing failure. The students are always prepared to face failures, and they are not affected by any failure badly like students who have never learn these things in their class.

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