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Gray Market of IPO: Go Fashion and Latentview can get huge profits

Investors are getting a lot of silver in the ongoing IPO boom. The issue price of Go Fashion is running at a premium of Rs.550 to Rs.560 per share in the gray market. Whereas Latent View is priced at Rs 360 to Rs 370 premium. Investors may suffer losses in Paytm, which is bringing the country’s biggest issue.

Shares of three companies at a premium

Currently, except Paytm, shares of three companies are at a premium in the gray market. The share of Paytm can be listed on Thursday only at the issue price or below. In this, investors fear a loss of Rs 14 per share. Its issue came from Rs 2,080 to Rs 2,150. The issue got a response of just 1.89 times.

Latent View broke the record

LatentView’s IPO is the largest in Indian history. It was filled 326 times and it surpassed Paras Defense, who set the record this year. The issue of Paras Defense was filled 304 times. In the gray market of Latent View, the price is running from Rs 360 to Rs 370 per share. Its listing may happen on Tuesday next week. The issue, which closed on November 12, saw retail investing 119 times more than its share. Its price was 190 to 197 rupees. Read Here:  Latest Sports News

tarzan issue will close tomorrow

The issue of Tarzan product has come from 635 to 662 rupees. This IPO will close on Wednesday. The company has come out to raise Rs 1,023 crore from the market. Till the second day (Tuesday), the issue of the company was filled more than 3 times. The retail share was more than 4 times full. Its price is running at Rs 185 to 195 per share in the gray market. Its listing is also expected next week.

Go Fashion issue will open tomorrow

The share price of Go Fashion is at a premium of Rs 550 to 560 per share in the gray market. Its issue will open on Wednesday and close on Monday. The company is bringing IPO at a price of Rs 655 to 690. You can invest a minimum of 21 shares in this. The company will enter the market to raise Rs 1,013 crore. In this way, out of these four IPOs, except Paytm, three issues can benefit investors.

Nykaa stock gave 82% profit

Earlier, the stock of Nykaa was listed last week at 82% higher price. The company’s share of Rs 1,125 was listed at Rs 2,000. However, it later went up to Rs 2,400. On Tuesday, it closed almost 2% lower at Rs 2,236. Fino Payments Bank and SJS were among the recent losers. Shares of three companies were listed on Monday. In this, the share of Sigachi was listed at 2.52 times the issue price.

Issue closed on Friday

The IPO of Latent View closed on Friday (November 12). In this, the share of Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs) was filled 145 times. The Non Institutional (NII) share was filled 850 times. While the share of retail is filled 119 times. It has also created history in retail subscriptions. Earlier, the share of retail investors in Paras Defense was filled 112 times.

Issue was open on 10 November

The issue of Latent View opened on November 10. The face value of the company’s share was Rs. It had brought IPO at a price of Rs 190 to 197. Had to apply for at least 76 shares. The company had landed to raise Rs 600 crore from the market. This company was formed in 2006 and provides analytics services like data and analytics consulting, business analytics etc. It is the leading company of its sector in India. It has bluechip customers.

The company has presence in America, Europe, Asia and other countries. The company works with 30 of the Fortune 500 companies. Its shares will be listed on November 23.

More than 300 times response to 2 companies for the first time

This is the first time that the issue of two companies has received more than 300 times response. Paras Defense was the first to cross the 300-fold mark. Earlier, 5 companies had got more than 200 times subscription. In this, Salasar Tech got a response of 273 times in 2017 while Astron Paper got a response of 241 times in 2017 itself. In 2018, Apollo Micro got a response of 248 times. In 2021, MTAR was subscribed 200 times, Mrs Bacteria 198 times. See Here: Trending Songs

All IPO records have been broken this year

All the records of IPO in the Indian market have been broken this year. So far this year, 51 companies have raised Rs 1.19 lakh crore through IPO from the market. In this, Paytm raised Rs 18,300 crore and Zomato raised Rs 9,375 crore. In this week, three companies have raised Rs 21 thousand crore. In this, Paytm has raised Rs 18,300 crore, Sapphire Foods has raised Rs 2,073 crore and Latent View has raised Rs 600 crore.

Paras Defense ahead in performance

Paras Defense is at the forefront of the top 5 IPOs in terms of performance this year. It has given a profit of 3.59 times. The stock was listed in October. Its IPO came at Rs 175. Right now it is at Rs 775. However, last week it went up to Rs 1,200. Neureca’s IPO came in February. It came at a price of Rs 200 and now its price is Rs 1,722. That is, it has given a return of 3.3 times.

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