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Why SAP HR is an important module in SAP?

SAP HR Course in Noida

Know about SAP HR:

SAP Human Resource Management (HR) or SAP Human Capital Management (SAP HCM) or SAP Human Resource Management System (SAP HRMS), is a core module in SAP. SAP HR software lets you automate accounting processes. This is the ideal basis for using administrative records and payroll for the human resources department. SAP HR records the data from the hiring an employee to its final termination in organization.

SAP HR records employee employment data until the end of his or her final tenure in the organization. It stores employee’s data such as assignments, roles, payroll information, shifts, addresses, and more.

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Modules of SAP HR:

SAP HR, in keeping with its heritage, can optimize the entire lifecycle of employees. This evidence and assumptions transform many traditional HR processes into an integrated cloud that enables data-driven decisions with measurable business results. SAP HR modules are listed below:

  • Time Management: Time management is another essential subset of Human Resources (HR) and documents employee data. This is mainly related to attendance, time estimation, shifts, and so on.
  • Payroll Accounting: The SAP payroll module helps in processing the payment of work performed by employees. It includes payroll, medical benefits, deductions, taxes, and so on. The SAP payroll module can also be combined with other modules such as personal administration, financial accounting, time management, and others.
  • E-Recruitment: It is an automated online recruitment process that helps HR professionals recruit the right talent. These innovative methods are opening up hiring opportunities in an organization.
  • Travel Management: It contains the management of official trips, travel expenses, managing the cost for travel, and so on.
  • Personnel Administration: Personnel Administration is an important subset of SAP systems. It records important information about employees. It helps you with a variety of administrative tasks such as recruiting, personnel information, travel expenses, payroll, and many more.
  • Organizational Management: Organizational management is a very important subset of SAP HR. This allows the organization to provide an organizational plan and analysis of the current plan. It also lets you create additional applications and improve workflow management.
  • Training and Event Management: This module of SAP deals with the identification of training needs, management of training costs, scheduling training, and many more.

Advantages of SAP HR for an organization:

If you look at the tasks of the Human Resources departments, they are still mostly administrative in nature. Personnel files are kept on paper, holiday requests are processed on paper, and even working hours are manually recorded. However, in times of limited human resources and skills shortages, it is more important to focus on the strategic goals of human resource management.

SAP HR provides vital support in two ways. On the one hand, it allows you to optimize and digitize HR processes, on the other hand, it includes many tools that are important in terms of HR strategy. One can achieve simplification and optimization of administrative processes, among others, through the following SAP HR functions:

  • Full data transparency
  • Partial automation of payroll
  • Permanent data records and tracked changes
  • Amalgamation with other SAP modules such as FI/CO
  • Simple time tracking (self-service adjustments are possible)
  • Centralized service and system support linked to all essential information of the relevant personnel
  • Vacation requests digitally, for example via a web browser, are included with the workflow verification workflow

Features of SAP HR:

In all of these functional areas, SAP Human Resources brings the HR data and processes together into a single cloud. This takes HR to a new level of capability and efficiency. For an SAP HR user, the following features can be beneficial:

  • Infinitely scalable
  • Real-time insights
  • Built-in intelligence
  • Embedded content
  • Efficiency and accuracy
  • Security and compliance

You may explore the features and usage of SAP HR by referring to the SAP HR Course in Delhi. The course will have all the study material that you will be needing. Not just these, but the course will also offer you live projects to help you in gaining hands-on experience in the respective field. You will be under the constant guidance of trainers that are industry professionals with experience of more than ten years.

Career growth:

The SAP HCM module updates the workflow and management of data of the enterprise Human Resources department. This module is prepared directly from hiring a person to evaluating his exhibitions, monitoring promotion, rewards, working with finance, and other activities related to human resources. The allotment of subtleties and flow of the most important asset, namely human capital, is tracked with this SAP ERP HCM module. For a professional having expertise in SAP HR, there are several job opportunities such as:

  • Project Manager SAP
  • HR Operations Executive
  • SAP ABAP HR Consultant
  • SAP HR Functional Consultant
  • SAP HCM Functional Consultant

As per the data by Glassdoor in Feb 2021, the national average salary for an SAP Consultant (HR) is ₹5,01,694 in India. So, if you are thinking to opt for SAP HR as a career choice, it might be best for you.


Currently, personnel management problems are diverse. One of the most urgent problems of our time is the lack of specialized personnel. Not every organization is successful in filling the vacancy quickly with suitable candidates. In addition, payroll and management staff still spend a lot of time on routine tasks. Reporting also needs to be simplified in many places, therefore, it means that the HR strategies are not always based on numbers. Last but not least, the collaboration of employees provides opportunities for advancement. Although we are living in an age of modern communication and social media, corporate voting is mostly done via email.

All of these problems can be solved with SAP. SAP HR products enable the automation and digitization of human resource processes, intelligent recruitment, and management of talent, and enhanced collaboration with social and mobile ERPs. Under the banner of analytics, you can also create flexible reports and forecasts that can significantly optimize your HR strategic decisions.

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