Do sunflower seeds reduce testosterone?

Do sunflower seeds reduce testosteronedd

Testosterones are male sexual hormones which determine many sexual characteristics of males. In adult males, the low testosterone levels can lead to erection issues. In fact, some males with low testosterone levels have low libido which adversely affects their erection levels.

There are some diets and lifestyle habits that have an adverse impact on production of testosterone levels. All funk food items, soy products, mint, vegetable oils and processed products come under this category. However, there were concerns that sunflower seeds may also have the same effect. But experts and researchers have come to the firm conclusion that sunflower seeds, on the contrary, increase testosterone levels and boost the libido. It has been touted as one of the best natural remedies along with diet and lifestyle modification to cure erectile dysfunction.

Sunflower seeds boost testosterone

Sunflower seeds have zinc, which boosts the production of testosterone, improves sperm health and production. It is part of the natural diet along with other pumpkin seeds, nuts, vegetables and fruits to improve health and the erection process.

Lecithin in sunflower is recommended for better health

Let us study the benefits of lecithin that is produced in our body and supplement is suggested by experts to improve heart and brain health. This lecithin supplement is made with sunflower seeds as the main ingredient. Soy is also used in making lecithin, but sunflower seed lecithin is considered more beneficial and healthy. Let us see the benefits of lecithin supplement made from sunflower seeds to come to the right conclusion.

There is no evidence to suggest that sunflower seeds can reduce testosterone levels.  In fact one supplement known as lecithin supplement has been recommended to treat various health issues including erection problems. And lecithin is found in sunflower seeds naturally. Lecithin is found in our cells in our body. It is important in retaining the health of cells by preventing cell membranes from becoming hard.

Reverse damage to heart arteries

Lecithin supplement from sunflower seeds protects heart from damage caused by coronary disease. It also reverses the damage, as mentioned by some experts. Since the heart is at the base of efficient blood circulation in the body, a healthy heart ensures that blood flow is smooth. Smooth blood flow helps a male to overcome any erection issue. Erectile dysfunction at the cellular level is a blood circulation problem. A healthy heart reduces the chances of erectile issue due to less than sufficient blood flow.  Healthy heart and smooth blood flow cut the need for Generic Levitra 60 mg  doctors recommend for severe cases.

Sunflower seed cut cholesterol problem

Lecithin is also known to act as a fat emulsifier. This property helps cut cholesterol levels in the bloodstream. Cholesterol is a major issue in mid-aged males leading to erectile difficulties. By removing cholesterol, the blood flow remains smooth and normal in blood vessels, thus reducing the erection problem.

Keep blood pressure in check

Blood pressure is a cause behind erectile issues in several males. The constant high blood pressure damages the blood vessels to reduce flow of blood in the pelvic area. Since blood vessels are narrower in the pelvic area, the slight change in circulation leads to erection issues, as sufficient blood is not available in the male organ. Sunflower lecithin breaks down the excess fat in the body. It includes cholesterol and triglycerides.  The accumulation of these inside the blood arteries leads to thickening of arteries. It is the reason for higher blood pressure.

Increase in neurotransmitters activity

Neurotransmitters play an important role in the erection process. They transmit the message from brain to central nervous system and trigger the blood flow towards the pelvic area. Without signal from the brain there could be no erection process, as main thought takes place in the brain, which leads to arousal. And arousal is necessary to get benefit from Sildenafil citrate 120 mg doctors suggest to overcome severe erection issues.  Sunflower lecithin boosts the health of nerve tissues and improves the neurotransmitter activity.       


No, there is no evidence to suggest that sunflower seeds decrease testosterone levels in males. It in fact boosts testosterone levels, increases sperm production and sperm health and is considered good for the heart.  They cut cholesterol fat in blood vessels , lower blood pressure , and improve nerve health , all factors which boost the erection process .  The problem may come in taking large quantities of seeds, but that large has to be a bucket full of seeds.


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