Common Types of Fractures

It might be surprising for you to know that we are born with nearly around 300 bones. The reason behind that is most of the bones fuse together into a single bone as the baby grows. It won’t be wrong to say that bones play an important role in strengthening our body and helping in the various movements of the body parts.

Now, when a bone breaks, the condition is very painful and the person even becomes unable to perform normal duties (depending upon the location and severity of the fracture).  A fracture can occur in any part of the body and the reason for the fracture is multiple. Based on the cause, the orthopedist will decide whether to give non-operative treatment or surgery is required. If the surgery is the only option left for the fixation of fractures, then the use of Orthopedic Implants and Surgical Instruments will be seen.


Causes of Fracture

A fracture could result due to high or low-energy trauma like automobile accidents, falling from a height, contact sports injuries, or direct impact from an object. High-impact trauma is the main cause of fracture in adults whereas elderly people can get fractures due to low-energy trauma. The reason behind that is the high chances of bone-related diseases like osteoporosis in the elderly.


Different Types of Fractures

As you know that a fracture could occur anywhere in the body and any pattern. This depends upon the cause of the injury and its seriousness. In this section, we will discuss some of the most common types of fractures that could be seen:


Stable Fracture

A stable fracture is when the broken bone fragments do not leave their true anatomical position after the break. These are closed fractures where the fractured bone is not exposed to the external environment. Stable fractures can be treated with non-operative techniques like the application of a cast or splint.  


Unstable Fracture

This is another type of closed fracture but is different from a stable one. In the case of an unstable fracture, the fractured bone gets displaced from its true anatomical position. Depending upon the seriousness of the condition, this type of fracture can either be treated with closed reduction or with surgery using orthopedic bone plates and screws.


Open Fracture

This is one of the most serious conditions that could be seen. Open fractures result due to high-energy trauma like motor vehicle accidents or even falling from a great height. These types of fractures are characterized by an open wound with bleeding. Fractured bone in the open fracture is exposed to the external environment. This type of fracture requires emergency treatment as any delay could increase the chances of infection. The external Fixator system is one of the most commonly used orthopedic implants for the fixation of open fractures.


Comminuted Fracture

This is another type of condition that is a serious one. A comminuted fracture is a condition where the bone breaks into three or more pieces. Sometimes, the bone could also be lost due to crushing injuries. The treatment of comminuted fractures will depend upon the severity of the fracture. If the bone is fractured into numerous pieces and cannot be fixed using orthopedic implants, bone grafting is done. While on the other hand, surgical fixation can be done when the bone is broken into 3-4 pieces.

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